Bruno Grande

I am currently undertaking my PhD studies in cancer genomics under the supervision of Ryan Morin at Simon Fraser University (SFU). As a computational biologist, I interrogate large sequencing datasets derived from tumour DNA or RNA using a wide range of analytical methods. Our research aims to discern the biological processes that are implicated in tumour initiation and progression. So far, I’ve worked with paediatric osteosarcoma and non-Hodgkin lymphomas. In particular, one of my projects focuses on Burkitt lymphoma, a subtype of non-Hodgkin lymphoma that is predominant among African children, but also arises in developed countries. I hope to eventually write a blog post describing my research in more detail. I’ll link to it here once it’s published.

Outside of my PhD research, I try to make a difference in my community wherever I can. Currently, I serve as president of the MBB Graduate Caucus, whose objective is to represent all graduate students in the Department of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry (MBB) at SFU and organize academic and social events for the department. I also co-organize the Scientific Programming Study Group (SciProg), which aims to build a scientific programming community at SFU and promote skill sharing and collaboration. I was recently involved in bringing a 3-day Research Bazaar to Vancouver/Burnaby in collaboration with the SFU’s Research Commons in February 2016. Because I can’t get enough of seeing these community events come together, I’ve joined the steering committee in charge of putting together Vancouver’s first ever Genomics Hackathon, Hackseq, in October 2016. Last but not least, I’m a certified Software Carpentry and Data Carpentry instructor, because I absolutely enjoy promoting and teaching digital literacy skills in addition to sharing methodologies that enable open science.


You can find me on Twitter or GitHub using the links in the footer. You can contact me via email at my blog’s title minus the period